Age 2 Years

Following are information, activities and resource links for the five main areas of development for children ages 2 years old.

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5 Areas of Development


Communication Skills

  • Understands basic size concepts (big/little)
  • Understands simple number concepts (just one, one more)
  • Puts two words together
  • Names pictures in a book
  • Uses action words (eat, sleep, go)

Fine Motor Skills

  • Strings four large beads
  • Snips with scissors on a line
  • Stacks four blocks

Gross Motor Skills

  • Easily steps over things
  • Walks up/down stairs, may put both feet on one
    step or alternate feet
  • Climbs over furniture

Personal Social Skills

  • May start to show interest in using potty, your child
    wants to imitate others
  • Takes turns in games
  • Begins to dress/undress self
  • Showing independence by wanting own way

Problem Solving Skills

  • Begins to sort shapes and colors
  • Uses common household objects during imaginative
  • Showing understanding of “same” and “different”


Communication Activities

  • Repeat new words
  • Talk about what you are doing; describe actions,
    point out new objects/places
  • Sing familiar songs/nursery rhymes
  • Offer choices along with words (“Do you want milk or
  • Praise your child for telling you something he/she
    saw, heard, felt

Fine Motor Activities

  • Encourage play with puzzles, blocks, nesting toys
    and drawing materials
  • Provide safety scissors to practice cutting, cutting
    Play-Doh is fun at this age
  • Introduce lacing activities using objects like buttons
    with large holes to push string through

Gross Motor Activities

  • Play with various size balls, give directions to throw,
    push, roll, bounce, and catch
  • Take walks jumping over cracks in sidewalk

Personal Social and Problem Solving Activities

  • Provide a “dress-up” box with old clothes, hats, shoes
  • Give child choices each day, helping child choose
    what to wear each day and choices of food at snack
    or mealtime
  • Show your child how to group things in one, twos,
    threes and sort by color and shape
  • Play games like Simon Says to teach words; on,
    under, behind, in front
  • Help your child “write” their own book by writing their
    words and letting them draw the pictures