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Developmental Pediatrics Clinic

Developmental Pediatrics Clinic

What is a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician?

If your child has a developmental, learning, or behavioral problem, a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician has the training and expertise to evaluate and care for your child. Developmental and Behavioral pediatricians possess training and experience to consider, in their assessments and treatments, the medical and psychosocial aspects of children’s developmental and behavioral problems.

What training do developmental and behavioral pediatricians have?

Developmental and behavioral pediatricians are medical or osteopathic doctors who have completed:

  • Medical School
  • Residency training in pediatrics
  • Board certification in pediatrics
  • Additional subspecialty training in developmental and behavioral pediatrics

Developmental and behavioral pediatricians evaluate, counsel, and provide treatment for children and their families with a wide range of developmental and behavioral difficulties, including:

  • Learning disorders
  • Attention and behavioral disorders: ADHD/ADD, and conduct disorders
  • Regulatory disorders: sleep disorders, feeding problems, discipline difficulties, complicated toilet-training issues, enuresis (bedwetting), and encopresis (soiling)
  • Developmental disabilities: cerebral palsy, spina bifida, mental retardation, autism spectrum disorders, and visual and hearing impairments
  • Delayed development in speech, language, motor skills, and thinking ability
  • Behavioral and developmental problems complicating the full range of pediatric chronic illnesses and disabling conditions: genetic disorders, epilepsy, prematurity, diabetes, asthma, cancer

When should I have my child evaluated?

  • Do you have concerns about your child’s development?
  • Do they have a delay in coordination?
  • Are they struggling to understand and express their needs?
  • Are they experiencing hyperactivity or an inability to focus?
  • Do you have concerns about how your child interacts with you or other children?
  • Are you concerned your child may have autism?

Developmental and behavioral pediatricians work closely with parents, families, and schools.

A Developmental and behavioral pediatrician understands that children’s development and behavior happen first and foremost in the context of the family. They seek to understand the family’s view of the problem and the effect of the child’s problem on the family. Developmental and behavioral pediatricians advocate for their patient with developmental and behavioral problems by working closely with schools, preschools, and other agencies involved with developmental care and education.

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What Ages Do You Service?

Birth through 10 years old

How does my child become a patient at Sprouts Child Development?

Schedule an appointment with your PCP to discuss your child’s concerns and request a referral to Sprouts Child Development. Our staff will contact you to discuss the referral and schedule an evaluation.

What insurance is accepted at Sprouts Developmental and Behavioral Pediatric Clinic?

We currently accept Medicaid, BCBS, Community Care, Aetna, and United Health Care. Please contact your insurance carrier to determine if Sprouts is in network and the appointment will be covered by your insurance. If Sprouts is out of network or you do not have insurance, we offer private pay rates for services, please contact Sprouts for rates.

What can I expect from the initial appointment at Sprouts Developmental and Behavioral Pediatric Clinic?

The appointment will be scheduled for approximately an hour during this time.

Therapy Clinic

What to Expect

When working with your child, our therapists use play-based activities to build functional skills, while engaging your child’s interests. Our therapists are highly trained to use their expertise and creativity to connect with your child, implementing a variety of approaches to find the “just right” therapeutic fit for your child. We purposefully present children with encounters to expand upon their actions and interactions, including sensation, emotion, and motor skills. We praise children for their originality and build their confidence and skills through relationship-based interactions. Finally, we coach parents to connect with their child, view their child’s behavior through a different lens, and feel enabled to help their child flourish.

Speech Therapy

What is Speech Therapy?

It’s more than just learning how to pronounce your L’s and R’s. 

Speech Language Pathology addresses issues with:

  • Articulation – producing sounds correctly
  • Language:
       - Receptive Language - understanding others
       - Expressive Language - using words correctly for a variety of purposes
  • Social Communication – holding a conversation with others or following social norms
  • Cognitive Communication – organizing thoughts
  • Fluency – speech is “bumpy” or repetitive
  • Feeding and Oral Motor Skills– eating or swallowing
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Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy?

A child’s “occupation” is to play, participate in school, and be independent with self-care skills.

Occupational Therapy addresses issues with:

  • Self-care – brushing teeth, dressing, bathing, manipulating clothing fasteners, feeding therapy
  • Sensory integration difficulties
  • Visual motor skills - using hands and eyes together to complete daily activities
  • Social Interaction Skills – play and socialization
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Feeding Therapy

Getting Started at Our Clinics

Schedule an appointment with your Primary Care Physician

  • Discuss your concerns.
  • Ask for a referral to be sent to Sprouts Child Development.

Therapy Clinic

  • Ask for a referral to be sent for Speech and/or Occupational therapy to Sprouts Child Development. 
  • This referral must include a prescription and office notes from your visit.

Developmental and Behavioral Pediatric Clinic

  • Ask for a referral to be sent for a Developmental and Behavioral pediatric evaluation to Sprouts Child Development.
  • This referral must include a prescription and office notes from your visit.

Once We Receive the PCP Referral

Our staff will contact you to discuss the referral and schedule an evaluation.

  • We will review your insurance coverage to see if your plan will cover treatment. 
  • For those without insurance coverage, we offer a private pay rate. 


What ages do you service

Birth through 10 years old

How does my child start therapy at Sprouts Child Development?

Schedule an appointment with your PCP to discuss your child's concerns and request a referral to Sprouts Child Development. Our staff will contact you to discuss the referral and schedule an evaluation.

What insurance is accepted?

We currently accept Medicaid, BCBS, Community Care, AETNA, and United Healthcare. Fees are dependent upon your insurance plan. We offer private pay rates for services not covered by commercial insurance plans. Call for more information.

Can parents observe sessions?

All parents are required to stay on premises while your child is in therapy. We believe that parents are their child’s best teacher and welcome active participation of parents throughout the therapy process. Some parents chose to be an active participant/play partner while some parents chose to observe sessions.

When will I see changes in my child’s behaviors/skills?

Every child differs with their individual progress in a therapy program. While some parents see positive changes after only a few sessions, others may see changes after a month or two of intervention.  Since every child’s needs are different, results will be dependent on many factors, and therefore, the rate of progress will be different for every child.  Consistent attendance and completion of suggested home activities will facilitate progress. Progress toward treatment goals will be reviewed every 12 weeks.

How long will my child need therapy?

Since every child enters Sprouts with different goals and different skills that need to be developed, it is difficult to predict how long a treatment program may last.  A re-evaluation will be completed after 12 months of therapy.  When you are satisfied with your child’s level of progress and skill development, and/or the therapist determines that therapeutic benefits have been maximized, then together you will decide when it is appropriate to terminate the therapy services. 

In the event you choose to terminate your child’s therapy program prior to achievement of his goals, we ask that you notify your child’s therapist at least one week prior to the last scheduled session.  It is important for a child to complete a final, planned session with his therapist.

Are there activities I can do at home?

Your child’s therapist will offer ideas for home activities.  These may include sensory regulation strategies, reflex integration exercises, fine motor skill activities, core strengthening exercises, visual activities, oral motor activities, etc.  We understand that implementing additional tasks can be challenging; however, we also know that progress will be expedited with additional activities outside of therapy.  Please talk with your therapist if you feel you are not able to implement additional activities, OR if you would prefer even more strategies.