Sprouts Child Development

Outreach & Education

Our programs connect multiple disciplines of prevention and intervention that are proven to make the greatest impact on the developmental trajectory of young children.

Early Childhood Partnerships

Early Learning Partnerships

Early Learning partnerships refer to our work alongside child care centers, early learning centers and the families they serve, to screen, monitor and identify children who would benefit from early intervention services. The ASQ screeners allow families and caregivers to better assess the risk for developmental delays, with timely screenings at regular intervals for critical developmental monitoring.

  • We support child care and early learning centers by providing access to the Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE2). The ASQ screeners are scored and the results are emailed to the parents as well as the center’s director.
  • Sprouts team of child development specialists review results and consult with both the early learning center and the parents to review and discuss possible next steps.
For more information or questions email outreachandeducation@sproutsdevelopment.com
Early Childhood partnerships

Community Agency Partnerships

An Agency partnership refers to how we develop and sustain meaningful interactive relationships with a varietyof community agencies or resources (parent, education, civic, and business groups), so that all membersunderstand and contribute to the work of supporting young children.

  • We work alongside agency partners to screen, monitor, and intervene in filling a critical gap in early intervention services.
  • We offer consultation, support services and collaboration to childcare centers, private schools, public schools, and community programs.
For more information or questions email outreachandeducation@sproutsdevelopment.com

Family Support Services

Strong family engagement is essential to promoting children's healthy development and wellness, including:

  • social and behavioral development
  • preschool readiness and early learning opportunities
  • transitioning into kindergarten
  • supporting academic learning 

Families are children’s first and most important teachers, advocates, and nurturers. Positive parenting and strong family engagement are essential to promoting children’s healthy development and wellness. Families’ engagement in children’s learning at home and in early care and education programs can impact lifelong health, developmental and academic outcomes.

  • We support families by offering referrals to community resources that fit a family’s needs and location.
  • We support families as they navigate early learning programs and as they transition into public/private school services for their child.
For more information or questions email outreachandeducation@sproutsdevelopment.com


Can you attend my child’s IEP meeting with me?

Communicating with school teachers, school therapists, counselors, and other professionals who are a part of helping your child be successful is essential. Communication can begin upon your signing our Consent to Release Information form. If you are interested in having a child development specialist complete a school observation or attend a school meeting, hourly charges will apply. These charges cannot be billed to insurance. Contact us at 918-699-4250 for more information.

Is there a partnership fee?

Access to the online Ages and Stages Questionnaire is at no cost for our childcare and early learning partnerships. Costs associated with screenings and technical assistance are determined on amounts and usage.

How long does our partnership last?

Partners sign an agreement for a year at a time. Partnerships run from August 1st to July 31st. Partnership agreements can be start at any point throughout the year.

Who can partner with Sprouts?

Early learning and childcare centers, private schools, public schools, and community agencies.

What does a partnership consist of?

Partnership agreements are individualized to meet the unique needs and resources of each partner. Informal and formal partnership agreements are available. The partnership provides access to the Ages and Stages Questionnaires screenings.

Screening results and consultation with recommendations and resources for early intervention are provided by email.