Ages 2-6 Months

Following are information, activities and resource links for the five main areas of development for infants ages 2-6 months old.

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5 Areas of Development


Communications Skills

  • Smiles responsively
  • Squeaks/squeals/yells/laughs/makes raspberries
  • Looks in the direction of your voice
  • Enjoys turn-taking games with sounds
  • Locates sounds in the room
  • Plays games like “Peek-a-boo”

Fine Motor Skills

  • Grasps a rattle, holds bottle with both hands
  • Clasps hands together
  • Reaches, pulls objects to mouth
  • Pulls at clothes
  • Picks up objects using “raking” motion with fingers

Gross Motor Skills

  • Holds head up and turns in all directions
  • Rolls from front to back
  • Sits with support, then independently

Personal Social Skills

  • Looks at own hands/sucks on fingers
  • Works for a toy
  • Responds to touch
  • Enjoys social stimulation
  • Accepts comfort from familiar adult

Problem Solving Skills

  • Explores objects with fingers, hands, toes
  • Works to get objects out of reach
  • Turns head toward bright colors and lights
  • Explores objects by touching, mouthing, shaking,
    and banging
  • Looks for ball rolled out of sight


Communication Activities

  • Imitate the sounds your baby makes
  • Make different faces with baby
  • Sing to baby
  • Play social games (pat-a-cake and peek-a-boo)

Fine Motor Activities

  • Offer your baby a rattle to hold
  • Let your baby feel many different textures
  • Offer your baby objects to hold in both hands

Gross Motor Activities

  • Allow for “tummy time” several times a day
  • Support your baby in sitting and standing positions
  • Encourage your baby to roll over
  • Play with your baby on the floor to allow development of
    large muscles

Personal Social and Problem Solving Activities

  • Soothe and calm baby when fussy, responding to your
    baby’s cries does not spoil them
  • Rock and love your baby
  • Smile and talk to your baby often
  • Encourage your baby to follow faces and bright objects
    with eyes
  • Present objects of various colors and shapes for baby to