What our clients are saying

Thank you so much! We have enrolled Addi and she has met with the speech therapist at our neighborhood school. She starts her speech therapy today. I am so appreciative of your assessments, explanations and all of your help.

Katy - Addi's Mom

Greetings, I am a social worker by trade and a husband/parent/foster parent by blessing. My wife and I received placement of our son when he was 19 months old. As a social worker for 15 years, I have interacted with numerous service providers. Needing to help my son, I recalled hearing success stories from other parents who had connected with Sprouts Child Development; so I reached out. The intake process was simple, and the staff took time to clearly explain the process. The developmental assessment was really interesting, as I got to observe it from a private room with a two-way mirror. The clinicians were very patient with my son, who was all over the place. They took their time with him, then took time with me to explain their impressions. The results and scores concluded where my son screened on a comprehensive developmental assessment. It was recommended that he needed services from an occupational therapist to address sensory issues. Currently, he is receiving occupational therapy and is making progress by leaps and bounds. I am thankful to the Sprouts team for their quality of service provided to my son. I am thankful we were given the correct information the first time around and directed accordingly. The staff was especially friendly and very professional.


I just want to say how grateful I am! It was such a pleasure to meet you and I’m so thankful for your work with Dmitry and me! I didn’t expect to receive such professional help and to be treated in such a good way! That’s amazing! Thank you for your work! I am using your recommendations and tips and they are working!

Katya - Dmitry's Mom

Thank you so much for checking on Colten. We chose the at home route and have seen Mrs. O two times. She is wonderful and has been great with Colten. You provide an amazing service to us and the rest of the community, thanks again!

Jennifer - Colton's Mom

I have done two online developmental screenings through the Sprouts Child Development website one at 2 months and one at 4 months that have been so helpful to us! We know exactly what to work on and where he is developmentally. You provide an AMAZING service!

April - Anderson's Mom

Being a Licensed Professional Counselor and working with children, I was very thankful to be introduced to Sprouts Child Development. Soon after learning of them I became pregnant with my first child. I have learned so much from them in regards to parenting skills, reaching milestones and overall development. I can honestly say that Sprouts Child Development has helped me become a better therapist and most of all, a better parent!

Kelly Mounce