Age 5 Years

Following are information, activities and resource links for the five main areas of development for children ages 5 years old.

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5 Areas of Development


Communication Skills

  • Says sentences of 5-6 words; uses adult-like
  • Uses past, present and future tenses
  • Knows common opposites
  • Understands “same” and “different”
  • Can tell a story with a simple plot
  • Speech understood 90-100% of the time

Fine Motor Skills

  • Holds pencil with 3 fingers
  • Draws a person with 6 or more body parts
  • May show a preference for left or right hand

Gross Motor Skills

  • Enjoys active play on jungle gyms, roller skating,
    jumping rope, riding a bicycle
  • Alternates feet when walking down stairs
  • Can do a somersault
  • Can hop and starting to skip

Personal Social Skills

  • Thinks everyone sees the world as he/she does
  • Wants to please and be like friends
  • Showing more independence
  • Can tell what is real and what is make-believe
  • Can use toilet without help, but may occasionally
    have accidents

Problem Solving Skills

  • Learning to write letters and numbers, but not
  • Counts 10 or more objects
  • Says name and address


Communication Activities

  • Talk about how 2 objects are the same and different
    (bird/airplane, knife/fork, chair/bench)
  • Take turns describing/guessing items you see or
    are thinking about
  • Pick words and have your child name the opposite
  • When in the car, talk about words that rhyme or
    start with the same sound
  • Pick or create wordless books and take turns telling
    a story

Fine Motor Activities

  • Using plastic droppers and colored water, let child
    create tie-dye creations on coffee filters
  • Using a large piece of Styrofoam, golf tees and a
    plastic hammer, allow your child to pound golf tees
  • Provide colored paper and hole punches to let your
    child punch holes and glue on paper to create

Gross Motor Activities

  • Make obstacle course using boxes, chairs and pillows,
    letting child hop and jump to complete the
  • Make an adventure path outside using a garden
    hose or chalk to make a “path” that goes under and
    around objects for your child to walk on
  • Make homemade bean bags, fill old sock with
    beans and tie closed, use to play catch or “hot

Personal Social and Problem Solving Activities

  • “Write” and mail a letter to a friend or relative. Child
    can draw picture or tell you what to write down, let
    the child place in envelope, address, stamp it and
    deliver to the post office
  • Practice writing numbers and letters in pudding or
    thinned mashed potatoes